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Horsebox Valeting

Autogleam Car Valeting provide specialist horsebox valeting and cleaning services across Suffolk and Berkshire. We pride ourselves on the great reputation and customer satisfaction that we have gained over the years.
We have the experience and expertise to work with specialist vehicles such as horseboxes, when it comes to cleaning specialist vehicles like these you need to have the right professionals for the job.
You will always receive a high quality washing and valeting service for an affordable cost. We provide specialist washing and valeting services for all types of vehicles, from car and vans to horse boxes. Our horsebox & trailer valet services are used by many clients, big and small in Suffolk and Berkshire.
Our team use specialist equipment and industry best practices products to get the best shine from your horsebox. The cleaning products we use are professional and specific for the job. We work with a range of horseboxes and trailers, we can clean a range of small and large horsebox vehicles. Many of our loyal clients use our cleaning services regularly because of the great service we deliver and expertise we have.
We specialise in quick and efficient horsebox cleaning services so you don't have to do it yourself as we are sure you have better things to do! Let us take the chore of regularly cleaning your horse box, the advantages for a clean and 'like new' horse box is that you can show you care for your horse and a well maintained horse-box you will get you the best price when it comes to selling.
For horsebox cleans in Suffolk and Berkshire call us today for a free no obligation quotation
Platinum Plus (Complete Valet – External + Cab + Living area + Horse Section)

  • Body Jet Washed
  • Detail brushes and TFR applied
  • Snow foam applied
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Wheel arches jet washed & cleaned
  • Alloys cleaned & polished
  • Trim & bumper colour restored
  • Exterior cupboard door openings cleaned
  • Bodywork completely dried
  • Bodywork Polished with wax protection polish
  • All rubber and plastic trim dressed
  • Tyres dressed



  • Windows & mirrors cleaned
  • All Rubbish Removed
  • Ashtrays Emptied & Cleaned.
  • Seats, Floor Mats, Carpet/Boot Vacuumed.and power shampoo extracted
  • Dashboard cleaned and steamed
  • All surfaces dressed in water based matt products


Living Area


Kitchen, work surfaces







Horse Box Area

Interior detailed, Clean & wash up
Anti-Bacterial Shampoo Clean

Valeting time
Approx: 8 + Hours

Yes we come to you

Call us for a quote

We can mix and match any of the above services, The Platinum Plus is our top service. You can have just the outside valeting or just the cab for example. Please just ask what you require and we will provide you with a quote

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Autogleam Car Valeting - Horsebox valeti
Autogleam Car Valeting - Horsebox valeti
Autogleam Car Valeting - Horsebox interi
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