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Looking for quality car care products?

We get asked regularly by our customers if we can advise them on the best place to purchase high quality valeting and detailing products that are not the mainstream products that are available on the high street at inflated prices and often substandard.
We listened to our customers and in 2015 we opened our sister company Autocaredirect. We provide a range of valeting and detailing products that are not only some of the very best products available on the market today but are at affordable prices too. We understand that by using our valeting services you may not have time to carry out car cleaning yourself but often we find our customers are car enthusiasts and like to wash and polish their cars in-between using our services.
We have our own range of products including valeting and detailing products from car shampoo to quality detailing wax and drying towels. All are fully tested and endorsed and more importantly, used by us daily on our valets and details that you are accustomed to seeing.
Visit our shop today!
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