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                               Pricing - Explained

There are very many variants of vehicle sizes out there today, to cover each vehicle size to a price is very difficult, We cover anything from a Fiat 500 to a Range Rover.

To simplify our pricing structure for our customers, we have not so much focused on your vehicle size but rather apply the pricing to the time taken on each valet due to it’s size.

The prices you see on each valet will cover all small to medium vehicles, a Mini to a Ford Focus fall within these categories for example.

If your vehicle is larger than the small/medium catorgory, such
as a large estate, or Range Rover the price will be slightly higher than the small car price due to the extra time taken to valet.

We hope this helps as a guideline but any questions then please do ask as we honour all quotations and do not add to the price on the day

Please note - The only surcharge that we may apply would be for the removal of excessive pet hair, please mention when booking and we will advise accordingly.

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'No silicone products are used on any of our work so no vehicles are harmed during your valet!'
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