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Winter protection valet
Special offer price!! any car size now only - £100.00
Winter is here!, your vehicles paintwork will be more exposed to the harsher elements like road salt, snow, ice, frost and wet conditions. Get your car ready for the elements!
We are offering a special winter protection package running from October 1st 2020 to March 1st 2021 that will offer a superb protective coating to your vehicles exterior paintwork, alloys, trim and glass enabling your pride and joy to be maintained easier with the added protection from the elements that winter brings.


Winter Protection Detail Treatment


  • Vehicle pre-rinsed using a pre-cleaner,

  • Alloys wheels cleaned using ph neutral cleaners,

  • Full jet wash

  • Wheel arches & door shuts cleaned and protected,

  • Hand Wash using a 100% sheep skin wash mitt,

  • Dried using Microfiber drying towels,

  • 1 coat of long life sealant or wax applied to paintwork and door shuts,

  • Sealant applied to alloys,

  • Protective dressing applied to exterior trim,

  • Glass cleaned & polish applied to all exterior windows,

  • Tyres dressed.


  *Price dependent on model of car and condition of paintwork; all prices reflect the amount of time spent.*

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