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Soft Top Cleaning
Soft Top cleaning and contamination removal - £90.00​
Has your soft-top been a bit neglected and in need of a good clean? you may have found that a lot of contaminants have dried and become embedded within the surface of the roof. This can significantly decrease the visual attractiveness of your vehicle as well as your own driving pleasure.

If the soft-top on your vehicle has lost its visual appeal, try our Soft top Deep-Cleaning service to give it a revitalised look! Using specialised gentle gel-based cleaners, we can provide an effective treatment for your soft-top to leave it looking cleaner and refreshed.
Soft Top cleaning and contamination removal + re-colouring & waterproofing - £160.00​​

Faded fabric roof tops can be restored! We use one of the leading products on the market today that many of the main car dealers use.


It is a specially formulated liquid coating for fabric tops which can restore about 75%-80% of the roof's original colour to deliver a 'like-new' appearance.


This application is to be applied after a full clean and contamination and the price includes the clean and colour restoration and waterproof after.
Autogleam Car Valeting soft top treatment

The majority or soft tops come up almost as good as new depending on original condition, especially black and blue roofs. However, please note that some colours such as brown and green may end up slightly darker than when presented to us.

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