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Why Valet? - The Benefits

A vehicle that has regular valets protects the value of your investment.

A professionally valeted car can make all the difference to your driving pleasure. It can also make it easier to wash it yourself afterwards.

You can make an appointment to have your car valeted at a time that is convenient to you and at your home while you relax and see your vehicle transformed.

As your car is valeted on your premises you can see the work in progress giving you peace of mind what is happening and how much time and care is taken with your car with an Autogleam valet. Choices of valet packages are available from a full Platinum valet, Gold or Silver valet or have one tailored to suit you giving you best value for your money.

The second hand car trade experts say ‘'Private owners who plan to part-exchange or sell their cars privately, now or in the future are losing out if they do not look after their cars.

Because car dealers will consider how much it will cost to refurbish vehicles to put on their garage forecourts. This will be reflected in any part-exchange deal'. Autogleam will certainly add value to your car by way of the end price you get for it, but at the very least it will sell quicker over and above similar vehicles for sale without a full valet, how much is uncertain but after a professional valet or detail you will most likely find it sells without the need for repeated advertising saving you money and time.
Autogleam Car Valeting
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