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Regular valeting - 'Total Care Plan' - save up to 50% !!!



The principle:


After using our valeting/detailing services, we are very confident that you will be impressed by the quality of the finish and detailing and will wish to have your vehicle maintained to the same high standard on a regular basis.This plan is not just about having your car washed similar to a supermarket operation which is long way from what we do; it is about protecting your vehicle, and your investment in the car to the very highest standard of cleanliness.The value of a car in good condition can be considerably greater than a similar vehicle in poor condition. It therefore pays to take care of it, especially if you have your car on a contract lease and need to return it in near enough pristine condition to satisfy the lease car return inspectors when your lease is at the end! Anything less and they will hit you with a condition bill.


Regular treatment with our high quality products will protect your car and keep it looking clean and shiny, thereby providing you with greater ownership enjoyment, whilst taking away the worry and hassle of caring for it as we are sure that you are all busy people! Also cleaning a car to our standards is an art! And we enjoy transforming your car to its very best. Leave all the decisions about the best polish/sealant to use and how often and when to apply entirely to us, we will look after your cars paint treatment needs so you need not worry. If we find a scratch that was not on your car on the last valet we will endeavour to remove it at no extra cost to you and potentially saving you expensive body repair bills or at the least save the leasing company charging you for it.


How it works:


The 'Total Care Plan' works very simply- we come to you to valet at your home or work, the initial valet, which is our Platinum Service, is at the standard price appropriate to the vehicle size and condition, this enables us to bring your car up to the required standard and will take roughly between 4 to 6 hours to complete. Subsequent valets are discounted according to frequency, the more frequent the more discount, weekly valets will recieve a massive 50% reduction!!! and will maintain your vehicle to the same high standard. At the completion of your valet it will look identical every single time without fail, continuity is key! Based on your car usage, budget and, undoubtedly busy lifestyle, we will agree with you an optimum frequency for valeting your vehicle. Following the first valet, all subsequent valets will be undertaken at the agreed interval whether it be weekly two weekly or monthly. We are flexible around your set valeting dates and should you have an unexpected meeting that you need your car for on your valeting day we are great believers in communication and flexibility to change that day.


The benefits to you:


  • Savings of up to 33% to 50% over our already competitive charges.

  • No contracts or paperwork to sign, you are never tied in to any commitment.

  • No advance payments are required; you pay the pre-agreed price upon satisfactory completion of each valet. As with all our services, payment may be made by cash, cheque or by BACS payment. We are happy also to open an account and bill you monthly if you wish.


The next step:


Call us today for a no-obligation quotation to have your car returned to, and maintained in, showroom condition on a regular basis. If you are still in any doubt, please take a look at our customer testimonials.


Quick Quote:


If you would like a quotation for your car on a 'Total Care Plan' please let us know your cars make and model plus the age and how regular you want it valeted and we will provide to with a quotation by email within 24 hours, alternatively if you would like to meet us to look at your car to quote we are very happy to visit you with no obligation to use our services.

Please email:





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